Foam Roller Buying Guide

Primarily, using foam rollers will help to reduce injuries. Warming up with a foam roller can greatly decrease the seriousness and likelihood of harm. It will activate the muscles and begin to pump blood through. In addition, utilizing it after exercising will mimic a deep tissue massage assisting to reduce recovery time.

From there we get the brand specific ones, which tend to outlast and outperform their counterparts that are common: Trigger Point Performance's The Grid 2.0, the Rumble Roller along with also the Epitomie Fitness Accupoint Roller.

In order to Pick the best foam roller size to suit your requirements ask yourself these questions:

How frequently do you intend on using it?

Most individuals mainly do rolling in the home. Therefore their EVA Has stood the test of time, however, if you are using yours several times each week avoid buying a generic EPE or EVA. Both of these can quickly elongate and start to oval. If you anticipate using one daily, then you could spend the money and purchase a higher quality one. We've used everything in The Grid, the Rumble Roller and all three kinds of generic figurines, the Grid stays the most versatile on the market.

How long are you rolling?

Even though it varies from person to person, if you've just started, odds are it hurts like hell. Should you fall under this class, you may start with a normal EPE. These aren't very compact and will start to break down scar tissue and also lengthen your muscles. Your EPE roller will break down just as your scar tissue, at which time you may choose to upgrade to a superior model. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best foam rollers, just visit .

What place are you planning on focusing on?

You can use two high density foam roller depending on which region you are targeting. Nothing is much better than the Rumble Roller for hitting hard to reach areas like your hip flexors or your shin muscles. The grooves may target those areas a lot more efficiently than some of the alternatives on the market place. Nevertheless, it is highly ineffective for rolling large muscles, like your IT Band, which require more rapid "strokes". The main reason is it does not roll as effectively due to it has bumps; it's a lot easier to roll with a perfectly round model.


This is an important question you will need to ask yourself. Rather than avoiding them all together it is preferable to purchase a cheap roller. They start in the $10-$15 range and consequently, it's a relatively economical way to experience the advantages of deep tissue massage in the comfort of your dwelling. If you are busy and is able to spend more, you will surely find a more expensive model, a terrific investment.